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A call to you, dear cyclist,
to improve cycling conditions in NYC.
You can!

My last request to NYC DOT Comm. Janet Sadik-Khan

You daily encounter street problems that need to be addressed. What do you do about them?
I've had great luck in finding Commissioner Sadik-Khan responsive. Here's my last request to her for street repair.
When you ride back from the GWB on Riverside as the law requires
—as far right as is safely possible—you're going to be confronted
with this eruption just before the 111th St. crosswalk. It's been there for years.

Ms. Sadik-Khan...?

How bad can New York City streets be? This bad.

The following pictures are, or were, of Riverside Drive near 142nd St. Even drivers, seeing the crevasses,
came to a complete stop before proceeding slowly and cautiously. You can imagine the effect on bicycle wheels.
The question on everybody's lips was: Which would crack first? My bicycle frame? Or my teeth?

DoT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan was sent these pictures...and the road was re-surfaced within a week.

Pictures taken February 15, 2011

The one thing I will have done in my life that will outlive me is bring into being the curb cut onto the GW Bridge.
Long ago I lobbied Transportation Commissioner Dr. Lucius Riccio for it. After making it, he was kind enough to credit me for it.

There followed some more recent, minor victories—on the GWB and the repaving of 177th St. between Ft. Washington and Cabrini
leading to the bridge. It had been an exciting series of uplifts, bubbles, buckles, depressions, and pot holes. DoT Comm.
Janette Sadik-Khan had it inspected by Scott Roveto, the road paving chief of upper Manhattan. What a nice surprise that
he, himself, called me to tell me he recommended it be re-surfaced. And it was.

This digression into shameful and shameless descent into self-glorification is a prelude to the core preachment of this Website:
one person can bring about change and improve the cycling conditions in NYC. Yes, you who are reading this can! 
All you have to do is: 1) Really give a damn, and 2) Bestir yourself to merely make calls and write notes instead of
just parasitically leaving that to others, relying on others, waiting for others to do for you what you can do for yourself (and for others).

Write the DoT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan at: or call her at: (212) 839-6620;
Write the Manhattan DoT comm Margaret Forgione at: or call her at: (212) 839-6210;
Write the DoT's bike coordinator, Josh Benson at 
Write the upper Manhattan road paving director Scott Roveto at: or call him at (212) 487-8439

Not to dilute your request, but while you're calling or writing in whatever improvements you do, you might mention
we sure would like the sidewalk at the junction of the ramp onto the GWB widened (without imposing any added
difficulty on drivers) and that metal plate surfaced with a non-skid compound.
(See the GWB page on this site: